Friday, April 27, 2012

Grand Canyon


Time to get serious.  Let's start our work.  We only have three days to earn another, my TENTH!, ranger badge.
Had to squeeze in a class in order to fulfill the requirements.  Did you know the smaller the scorpion the more poisonous?

Notice Hayes, attempting to pay attention.  Me?  I'm focused.
A scorpion.
And the mules!  Did you know that people ride these things down to the Colorado river?  Well, we stopped by the stables and fed them.  PS.  Mom and Big Mama rode these a few years back.
Sometimes he likes alone time.
OK.  So, what is not pictured is sometimes just as important as to what IS pictured.  So, my Dad, my incredible Dad, hiked to the bottom, crossed the river, and came back up-IN ONE DAY!  That's about 18 miles (he went down Kaibab Trail, up Bright Angel)!!  And when he was a couple miles from the top-it began to HAIL!  My Dad is INCREDIBLE!  We met him after, he was cold, wet, and so happy.  And we were so proud of him!

So, during that time, Mom took us to a wild west show and a cool train ride.  Here's us meeting one of the Cowboys.  Oh, Weiler, get over it, she didn't leave you!
This is not the train we rode but pretty cool nonetheless.

The entertainment on the train.  She was a riot.  And really good singer.  Didn't Big Mama take accordion lessons?

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